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"I would like to say that the man who plays Bones in the new Star Trek is very handsome and I don’t understand why everyone is swooning over weird-faced Benedict Cumberbatch when the man who plays Bones in Star Trek was also in that very same film and clearly stole the show in terms of handsomeness. I cannot, unfortunately, pinpoint the particular features that lead me to believe that the man who plays Bones in Star Trek is a handsome man, but I am certain that it is the case.” —Jack (34, New York) (x)

In which we are all Jack (34, New York)


mickey munchovich  (◕‿◕✿)  


UNTIL WE CLOSE OUR EYES FOR GOOD || a Gecko Brothers fanmix

Songs for brothers who’s only moral compass is each other. For jail busts and mental breaks wrapped in the dreams of blue agave and sunlit beaches. For prophecies whispered and eyes opened and the roads that lead only to the gates of hell.

001. “Hey Brother” - Andy Lange & Josh Golden;; 002. “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” - Cage the Elephant;; 003. “Hustle and Cuss” - The Dead Weather;;  004. “All Fired Up” - Interpol;; 005. “New Genious (Brother)” - Gorillaz;; 006. “Lonely Boy” - Matt Corby;; 007. “Long Way From Home” - The Heavy;; 008. “M.E.X.I.C.O” - The Kills;; 009. “Combat” - Flobots;; 010. “Wolf Like Me” - TV On The Radio;; 011. “Put Your Lights On” - Santana;; 012. “Red Eyes And Tears” - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club;; 013. “Fuck Tony Montana (Instrumental)” - La Coka Nostra;; 014. “Me And The Devil” - Gil Scott-Heron;; 015. “Bullets” - Archive

{ L I S T E N } || { dedicated to zombiescorp }

I’d choose you. Every goddamned time.

— sixwordstory (via sh-ocking)

In here without you - From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series [Archive of Our Own]


for mygeorgiabones (´∀`)♡

fun     n 1. a source of enjoyment, amusement, diversion, etc

Let’s go get this son of a bitch. Kirk out.


a kid at hogwarts who just wants to get a proper education but can’t focus because of all of the shit harry potter and his friends keep getting themselves into


i made you a flower crown, bro~